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Ask Us Anything!


What is the minimum Age?

We don't have an absolute minimum age. But recommend that our full 2 hour classes aren't really suitable for children under 8 years of age, Younger children who have a background of gymnastics or similar can do quite well, and of course all children are different. We occasionally run shorter, 1 hour taster sessions that are probably a better option for younger children. In all case the child must fit one of our safety belts, which go down to an 18 inch (46 cm) waist.

Who can have a try

Anyone willing to sign our waiver who is in good health and can fit into one of our safety belts (up to 50" waist and weight less than 100 kg)

 - note: health issues are very subjective and we aren't qualified to advise, but we suggest that flying trapeze isn't suitable for pregnant women or anyone with abdominal or shoulder injuries. If you are unsure please consult a medical professional

Do you allow spectators?

Absolutely, get them to bring the camera!

What should I expect on my first lesson?

You will be given ground instruction and shown what we aim to get you to do. After being fitted with a safety harness. You will be clipped onto a safety line to climb the ladder, once on the platform you will be helped to take the trapeze bar and leave the platform. When swinging, you will 'beat' your body in time with the motion of the trapeze. If you do this well enough you will be asked to let go of one bar and attempt to 'fly' to the next. At the end of each turn you will drop to the net, your safety will be ensured by the instructor controlling your safety lines from the ground.  Read more here

Where can I get more information?

Try searching the internet for more videos,  Buy the excellent book: Discovering Flying Trapeze

Look for tricks or other flying trapeze schools on the brilliant flying trapeze net  website, or come and talk to us - we don't bite.

What happens in bad weather?

If the weather is bad we will not be able to run classes. We will try our best to give you advance notice, But often if the forecast is marginal we may try to run only to get rained off on the day. If your session is cancelled due to weather we will give you a voucher code that lets you book a new session for free, or if late in the season a refund. If your session is rained off part way through (with more than 25% still to go), you will get a discount voucher on a future session.

Yes you can get full refunds on your classes up to 48 hours ahead of the class date, It is also easy to transfer your class to a different date using the online booking system

What should I wear?

Can I get a refund?

Close fitting clothing that covers your knees and doesn't restrict your movement. Yoga style clothing is ideal. Remember that we are outside and it can be chilly - or sunny so dress appropriately for the conditions. We will ask you to take your shoes off, so spare socks are a good idea as your feet may get wet

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