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These are the people who will be running your class and are responsible  for safety and smooth running of the class. There may be more than one instructor in a class, but one will always have overall control. In a fly class, they will probably be the people who are holding your safety lines and shouting instructions at you.

Bar Staff

These are the other people who are helping to run a class, clipping you into ladder safety lines, assisting you on the platform, talking through your next trick or demonstrating positions on the static trapeze.

Club Members

Essentially these are the people who come to fly with us, or help us run classes on a regular basis.  Club members get to participate in special activities, like BBQ's or club holidays. They can also stand as club officials and get to elect the club officials at the annual AGM

Club Officials

These are the people elected at the club AGM who set club policy and govern the running of the club. There isn't a set number of officials each year, but we always aim to fill the following roles:

  • Chairman - Ian Chodera

  • Secretary - Moira Robson

  • Chief Instructor - Alan Conlon 

  • Safety Officer - Dave Powell

  • Welfare Officer - Karen Chodera

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