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So, you are thinking of coming along to try a flying trapeze class. You are probably nervous, and wondering what to expect? Read on

First of all welcome! :-) We are passionate about flying trapeze and love to share that passion with others, We hope that the enthusiasm rubs off, and you become as addicted as us, and come back to join us regularly.

On the day, arrive in plenty of time, if possible watch other people using the trapeze, and observe how the class works, you can see any number of 'first trapeze session' videos on line, but be aware that the way our classes work may not be the same as how others work.

At the start of the class, the instructor will introduce himself and the class helpers. He will make sure that you have signed the waiver forms, and ask if you have any relevant injuries (you can tell him about anything in confidence if you need to)

The class will then be given a warm up and stretching session to ensure you are ready for the action. You will be fitted with a safety lung belt, and shown - on the ground - how to stand on the platform, grasp the bar and jump safely, you will then be talked through the initial swing on a low, static bar, shown how to drop correctly, and a helper will demonstrate the move on the real bar.

Next comes the climb up the ladder to the platform. You will be clipped into a safety line as you climb, and met on the platform by a helper, who will help you off and into the lunge lines.

Now is the moment of truth. You will have to hold onto the structure as you reach out to take the bar that will be given you. Your helper will hold your belt and support you, reminding you of the ground instructions, as you release the structure and reach your second hand out to the bar, A little hop, or step off the platform and you will be swinging through the air high above the ground. You will try to move your body in time with the instructions from the ground, and then after a few swings will be instructed to release the bar at the front end (away from the platform) dropping into the net on your back.

Remember; first time is for fear, second time is for fun.

You will go back up and repeat that a couple of times before your instructor will suggest you try something different, maybe a catch, maybe a somersault, maybe a position. Where necessary you will return to the ground to be given more detailed directions.

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