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Risk Acceptance Statement

There is a tram company in Australia, which had a safety notice that stated ‘more people hurt themselves on a tram than a trapeze’ and we have no reason to disbelieve this. That does not mean however that flying trapeze is risk free; minor injuries such as friction burns, bruises, sprains and sore muscles are common, and as you will be both working at height, and moving fast, more significant injuries are possible in spite of our best efforts, so we ask you to accept these risks, and follow these simple steps to help us ensure your safety.


  • Follow instructions as best as you can, let us know if there is anything you don't understand. 

  • Tell us if you have any injuries or conditions that might have a bearing on your, or anyone else's safety. 

  • Take care on the ground to avoid cables and supports, and do not walk under the safety net, 

  • Use harnesses, lunge lines, and other equipment as directed  - AND NEVER ALONE

  • Remain vigilant and focused during other people's turns. Let us know if you see anything amiss

  • Wear comfortable clothing that will not get tangled in safety lines or the net, and no jewellery!


With your cooperation we can help keep that Yarra Trams safety notice accurate. 

I hereby agree to accept the risks involved in this activity. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary, I choose to participate in spite of the risks, and I will do my best to follow the guidelines and instructions.

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