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About The Club

All bars flying trapeze is a club run with the aims of offering affordable regular flying trapeze and other circus skill sessions to its members and the public. We encourage others to take up flying trapeze as a hobby by offering classes to the public. We are a fun, social community and regularly organise 'fun' days. barbeques, trips away or just hang out after classes for a drink and a chat.

Beginners are welcome to come along to our open sessions, but if you want to do more flying trapeze we encourage you to become a club member, Criteria for membership is any one of the following

  • Volunteer more than 25 hours as a helper in a season

  • Attend more than 12 classes in a season

  • Pay a £200 membership to the club

  • Discretionary - mix of aid given and classes attended (cases to be decided by the committee)

Note: your club membership status will be determined from your involvement from the previous year.

As a member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 10% off class bookings

  • Voting rights *

  • Free meal at the AGM

  • Invitation to fun days

  • Free t-shirt

  • Can stand for a position on the club committee *

* Note: members under 14 years of age are considered junior members and will not be eligible for voting rights

Being a member is different from being a club helper. It is possible to be a helper even if you are not a member, but you do have to be invited to be a helper. Being a helper comes with its own rewards. The club is funded and attracts new members by running classes for the public and we can only do this with the support of our helpers, so we would encourage you to come and help as much as possible. The additional  benefits of being a helper are:

In return for helping out, you will receive the following benefits

  • Free practice before and or after the session you helped in

  • Free Fun Days

  • Free 'Staff' t-shirt for those qualified as lead helper or above

  • > 25 hours - Free membership (AGM, voting rights etc) 

  • > 50 hours - Lead helper + above can claim travel expenses

  • > 75 hours  - Free Club Classes 

  • > 100 hours - free master or special class

  • > 150 Hours - 2nd free master or specials classes

  •  > 200 Hours - 2 free classes for friends 

Note: only hours spent assisting with a public class as a named instructor or helper count towards obtaining helper benefits (not the 'other' or junior helpers category - sorry). Your benefits for each year will depend on your previous year's contribution.

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