About The Club

All bars flying trapeze is a club run with the aims of offering affordable regular flying trapeze sessions to its members and encouraging others to take up flying trapeze as a hobby

Beginners are welcome to come along to our open sessions, but if you want to do more flying trapeze we encourage you to become a club members, Criteria for membership is that you will be able to participate in our club sessions; which as they do not have class helpers, require a few basic skills, including:

  • Able to take off (leave the platform) without a belt hold - this implies being able to do a one hand take off - you can have a bar hold.

  • Able to put on your own safety belt, and check the belts on others

  • Able to use the noodles to hook the bar, and serve it to others.

  • Able to assist others to put on safety lines and check that they are correct.

As a member, you will be encouraged to become a helper, or even an instructor. You will have access to more sessions at a lower cost, and the club sessions will run faster, giving you more time on the bars and in the air!