Instructors Information

As an instructor you are responsible for running the class. It is your responsibility to ensure that the class runs safely and students take home a positive experience.

As an instructor you have a wide range of options on how to run the class. You can choose to actively lead, or take a more passive role, being guided by the students needs - partly this will of course be determined by the students previous experience.

You should:

  • Be professional

  • Be able to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of flying trapeze

  • Have a good background knowledge of fitness and the body as relating to flying trapeze

  • Be able to recognise students strengths and weaknesses

  • Have a variety of strategies to deal with any issues that arise.

Your responsibilities cover all aspects of health and safety, specifically:

  • Ensuring health and safety policy is adhered to.

  • Ensuring your helpers and students are aware of safety at all times

  • Checking that the rig is safe to use

  • Ensuring that students use appropriate safety gear, and use it correctly.

You will need

  • In depth knowledge of the rig, and the safety equipment

  • Good knowledge of flying trapeze tricks and how to teach them safely

  • Ability to use lunge lines 

  • First aid knowledge (At least relating to common trapeze injuries)

  • CRB background check certificate