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Helpers Information

Helpers are there to assist the class instructor, which involves putting students, particularly beginners, at ease, by displaying a calm, efficient and professional attitude.

There are three levels of helper

  1. Lead helper - able to work a platform on your own for a complete session, with any students. being able to deal with anything that might occur on the platform

  2. Assistant helper - able to work platform for part of a class or for smaller / more experienced students

  3. Other helper - ladder lines, net set-up and so on

As a helper (depending on your level) you may be required to do some or all of the following:

  • Help put up / take down the net

  • Run the class warmup

  • Fit and check safety belts

  • Ground demonstration of take off position (departs)

  • Ground demonstration of tricks (spotting on static trapeze)

  • Unclip students from ladder lines

  • Retrieve trapeze bars with noodle (potentially sorting out twists etc)

  • Pull up lunge lines

  • Clip students into lunge lines.

  • 'Belt hold' students for 2 hand take off

  • Air demonstrations of basic tricks (simple pass, knee hang, somersault dismount) - preferably without lines

  • Drop catch and return bars

  • Apply plasters and bandages

You should have knowledge and understanding of:

  • Warm-up exercises for different body parts

  • Take off position and its importance

  • How to arrange lines for common tricks (half turns, straddle, uprise)

  • How to remove and replace fly bars

  • How to check the rig before use (360°)

  • How to put up and pack away the net

  • When to drop bars for catches and returns

  • Where the first aid kit is kept and how to use it

  • How to 'spot' students using the static trapeze bar

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