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Get Involved

All bars flying trapeze club is a club run by members and volunteers who work hard together to get people interested in taking up flying trapeze as a hobby. We welcome any new help that is offered. You are reading this because hopefully you share the same passion and think you might like to contribute

People can help in all sorts of ways - for example taking photos and videos and posing them on social media, leaving our leaflets in coffee shops, supermarkets, proof reading the website and pointing out any errors etc. But mostly what people think about when offering help is assisting students in a class. We have a structured program for this.

Class helpers are graded - from lead instructors, down to junior helpers, and all have an important role to play in the smooth running of our classes. We allow a certain number of each grade of helper to assist in a class and you should commit to helping on any given day as far in advance as you can, by putting your name down on the helper sheet at:

Being a class helper is hard work! - you often have to be there before the class starts to help set up, or after the class ends to help put things away. During the class you need to stay focused on the tasks you are assigned, and remain polite, friendly and professional to the students.

Your rewards from helping come from seeing students do more than they expected, partly because of your encouragement and guidance. You will also have the chance to fly for free between classes.

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