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It’s a Great Day to Fly!

All Bars Flying Trapeze Club offers the chance to fly on the only full size bar-to-bar outdoor flying trapeze rig in Britain, set in Cheltenham, at the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds

For the beginner we offer taster sessions where you can face your fears and experience the thrill of flight

For experienced flyers we offer the chance to master advanced tricks in small friendly and affordable club classes. As well as a chance to experience the fun of Bar-Bar flying.

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Information and help

Our flying trapeze rig is the first, and only outdoor bar-to-bar flying trapeze rig in the UK.
We will be operating in Pittville Parks in Cheltenham through the summer

What is a bar-to-bar rig

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It is a type of flying trapeze rig where instead of having a catcher there is only another swinging fly bar

Whats a flying trapeze rig? Ah ok, it’s kind of like the big swing that you see in circuses. Flying trapeze has become a popular hobby, with hundreds of flying trapeze rigs situated all over the world.

If you really like being caught by someone soft and cuddly, or if you are a catcher, we will offer occasional conventional classes with a catcher - our rig will be easily reconfigurable to support this,

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  • Because it’s different - they are popular in France, but not so much elsewhere

  • It’s traditional! - Flying trapeze was invented by Jules Leotard and he used bar-bar

  • You can do a catch every go :-) - if you want to - you don’t have to wait till the end for the ‘catch’ rounds

  • You can do multiple tricks in one go - if you have the repertoire and stamina, just keep adding tricks on!

  • More time in the air - everyone spends the entire session on the platforms - no more down to the ground and back up the ladder.

  • Just you in the air - You don’t have to rely on the skills of the catcher


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Do I have to be strong or flexible?

Not particularly, so long as you can hang by your arms for 10 seconds or so at a time you will be able to fly.

Is It safe?

Absolutely! You are required to wear a safety harness with our instructor manning your safety lines, until you are ready to progress, and of course we have a big, soft net to land in.

What Should I wear?

Something comfortable that you can move in. Nothing dangling please

We look forward to seeing you flying!

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About the Club

The club encourages people to try and practice flying trapeze. and hopefully take it up as a hobby. We believe that flying trapeze is fabulous exercise; exciting, challenging and fulfilling.


You will be able to come along to a beginners fly class, to see how we roll.

If flying is for you and you get the bug you can become a full club member and enjoy reduced rates and join our smaller club members flying classes.

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